Credits for Stormwater Management: A Survey of North American Cities With a Focus on Portland, OR


Adrienne Aiona and Henry Stevens will present the Collaborative Video “Credits for Stormwater Management: A Survey of North American Cities with a Focus on Portland, OR”.

Adrienne will present Crediting Ecoroofs for Stormwater Management in Portland, OR:

In Portland, Oregon we give 1:1 credit for ecoroofs for stormwater management, however, it is often not feasible to install an ecoroof at 100% coverage. This presentation discusses how ecoroofs fit into Portland’s stormwater management requirements and are a good solution for constrained sites. Case studies illustrate the use of ecoroofs with other stormwater facilities to develop a complete stormwater site design.

Henry will present A Survey of Green Roof Design Criteria Affecting Stormwater Detention and Retention Characteristics:

Portland’s Environmental Services recently completed an informal survey of green roof design criteria to learn whether and how other jurisdictions address stormwater management goals through specifications for the growing media. Media characteristics influencing stormwater detention and retention were the main priority. The intent was to document relevant specifications and requirements, and to learn about any technical rules for how green roofs are given credit for stormwater management. It was a secondary goal to identify whether there is any emerging consensus about how to design green roofs to optimize stormwater management benefits.

Conference Speakers

Adrienne Aiona, PE

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services PE, Stormwater Management Manual Manager

Adrienne Aiona, PE, MS is currently the manager for the City of Portland’s Stormwater Management Manual team. Her work has focused on mitigating the impact of urban development on natural systems through restoration, stormwater management and pollution prevention. With experience including watershed-scale planning, stormwater site design, stormwater monitoring and public outreach Adrienne appreciates the broad complexities of urban water management. Adrienne will be presenting a Collaborative Video with Henry Stevens.


Henry Stevens

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Henry Stevens has been with Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services for more than twenty years, and he’s been an integral part of the Bureau’s transition to using green infrastructure as an essential asset alongside grey infrastructure. He’s worked on a range of projects including ecoroofs, stormwater planters, and rain gardens and has a particular interest in the important role of plants and soil media in the provision of the many benefits associated with green infrastructure. He has extensive experience with stormwater retrofits at school properties and the design and construction of green streets facilities. He is now part of the workgroup responsible for the City of Portland’s specifications for green infrastructure. The group also has the lead for monitoring the performance of green infrastructure.

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