Green Roof Chicken Coop in Nova Scotia -all recycled materials student designed


My Glacé Bay High School Geography students of 2013 were given an assignment in the spring to design a building from locally sourced preferably, recycled materials, a ‘green’ structure blue print that could be mass produced at mid latitudes around the planet. The designs proved so inspiring that I decided it had to be constructed.

The culmination of the designs is the ‘Green Roof Chicken Shed,’ a timber framed living roof structure built from locally sourced predominantly recycled materials. It was built by my students, my family and myself in the fall of 2013 and has been providing a moderated temperature habitat in Nova Scotia for my free range chickens for many years.

Conference Speaker

Michael Kelly

Glacé Bay High School Department Head of the Social Studies Program & Teacher

Michael Kelly is a Husband, a Father, a Teacher and the Department Head of the Social Studies Program for Glacé Bay High School in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. As a teacher for over three decades I have become increasingly concerned about the disconnect between students and their environment.

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