Green Roof Design and Maintenance for Long-term Success (aka: How to Avoid Total Failure)


The green roof industry has matured to a point that we now understand the primary causes of “issues” on green roofs, including chronic dead plants, leaking, and the dreaded F-word: Failure (meaning it must be removed).

But fortunately, the vast majority of these problems can be eliminated by designing and maintaining the green roof for proper drainage, waterproofing longevity, protection of the growth media, and the use of vegetated free zones. This presentation will walk through the main causes of concerns on green roofs and how to avoid or correct them, with an abundance of pictures and case studies of green roof projects restored by the presenter.

Conference Speaker

Elizabeth Hart Morris, CDT, GRP

Henry Company Director of Vegetated Roofing Assemblies & Green Roof Info Think-tank (GRiT) President

Elizabeth Hart Morris, CDT, GRP is is the Director of Vegetated Roofing Assemblies at Henry Company. For more than 10 years Elizabeth has been changing the “nature” of commercial roofing through green roof project management, roof recycling, and advocacy. Elizabeth is a founding member and President of the Green Roof info Think-tank (GRiT), a nonprofit of nearly 500 members dedicated to creating urban resiliency in the Pacific Northwest and the GRP Chair on the Board of Directors for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

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