Nature4Cities, a Multicriteria Nature Based Solution Platform Tool to Support the Green Transition


The N4C project aims to develop a scientific and technical database and operational tool for the effectiveness of Nature Based Solutions applied in a framework which considers a holistic approach and, which integrates multiple stakeholders. It intends to produce knowledge and to empower urban projects stakeholders (involved in urban planning/design/management intervention) to take decision. It addresses scientists, urban decision makers, practitioners, and citizens.

Nature4Cities project is based on:

• the building of a NBS knowledge base and associated, integrated analysis framework

• the development of a holistic assessment methodology exploring technical, governance, business, financing models and economic aspects.

• the adaptation of existing technologies for citizen’s participatory engagement, urban data acquisition and urban data management

• the co-development and assessment of actual NBS projects and strategies with Partner Cities

The N4C research team is an interdisciplinary and international team (from 9 countries). The consortium partners take a pro-active part in the EU dynamics of R&D&I, at the crossing of urban green infrastructure planning and construction sector, environmental assessment, social sciences, innovation management and Information and Communication Technology supporting tools.

Conference Speaker

Stéphanie Decker, PhD

Nature4Cities Project Manager

Dr. Stéphanie Decker is specialised in energy efficient timber buildings design and multicriteria design methodologies. She is currently coordinating the Nature4Cities European research and innovation project as project manager. She obtained an engineering degree from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (2010), and a PhD (2015) in environmental process engineering and materials for sustainable development.

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