Project Smartroof 2.0


Project Smartroof 2.0 is a 4700 sq.ft. demonstration and research blue-green roof system aiming at maximizing rainwater capture, storage and capillary (0-energy) irrigation. The goal of this blue green roof system is to maximize its urban cooling capacity by means of plant evapotranspiration.

Secondly, by always having water available for plant growth, it is now possible to grow a wider variety of plants (grasses and herbs) amongst the standard mixed Sedums in an absolute minimal substrate layer (40 mm).

Conference Speaker

Joris G.W.F. Voeten

Urban Roofscapes Sr. Engineer Urban Green Space

Based on his MSc in Tropical Forestry from Wageningen University, Joris G.W.F. Voeten uses plant growth to create livable, sustainable and healthy green cities for people. By designing and developing new systems to create functional green space in cities, such as innovative, usable and multifunctional green rooftops and sustainable trees in streetscapes, the aim is to bring the circular ecosystem approach in to urban development.

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