Roofing BMP’s for Low-Impact Development Projects


Buildings and urbanization play a critical role in watershed depletion.  As our populous continues to grow and urban sprawl overtakes more of our green space, how can we look to our buildings to replicate our watersheds and restore our natural ecosystems?  We will discuss how regulations and standards, particularly those of the EPA, impact stormwater management.  We will examine the critical role that buildings play in implementing green infrastructure and how these BMP’s emulate ecosystems in form and function.

When is a roof more than a roof?  How do we integrate BMP’s through the roof, building envelope, and at-grade to function as a system? What are the emerging trends in regulations and design that will start to stimulate greater implementation of ecosystem management systems?

Conference Speaker

Joanne Rodriguez, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

GreenStructure Founder & Multi-disciplinary Environmental Consultant

Joanne Rodriguez has two decades of experience working within the building products and construction communities, with an emphasis on sustainable building impacts and high performance building envelope assemblies. In 2017 she fully launched GreenStructure--a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm founded in 2012, housing over 20 years of experience in the built environment. With expertise in strategic sustainability and resiliency planning, she has coupled her highly technical background with the emerging trends in ecosystems and risk mitigation to become a green infrastructure asset specialist. GreenStructure has experience in zero-landfill and waste diversion programming, energy efficiency audits, and sustainable roof and building envelope solutions. At Tremco, she was responsible for the development of sales and marketing platforms focused on sustainability in the built environment. Joanne has also been responsible for the development of programs, like Roof Recycling and Zero Landfill. In addition to being certified LEED AP through the USGBC, Joanne is a former member of the Construction Specifications Institute Strategic Planning Task Team, past President of Chicago CSI, a frequent national speaker on topics related to sustainability impacts (water, energy, air) of building envelope technologies, as well as a speaker and participant for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America meetings in Chicago and Denver focusing on Women in the Workforce and Sustainable Buildings.

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