RootDOWN Green Wall at Denver International Airport


This presentation features a fun and creative green wall at restaurant RootDOWN at Denver International Airport integrating a carefully delineated interaction of LIVING plant material and ART created by incorporating a beautiful composition of re-used tin can lids. This presentation highlights design process (including restaurant crew collaboration), radical methods employed during implementation to accommodate design form and function, and survey research after implementation to measure metrics of success, including:

Social benefits
People love being near this green wall. Restaurant visitors want to sit near it, takes pictures of it and the local restaurant employees enjoy it on a daily basis.

Environmental benefits
The green wall cleans the air and irrigation water from the wall is reused in the planter below reduce water-use.

Economic benefits
People want to dine near the green wall. The booths adjacent to the green wall are always booked.

Re-use of materials
The restaurant saved tin-can lids for 3-4 months for the artwork created in between the living modules.

The RootDOWN DIA Living Wall is a great case study for ecological patterns of performance and the integration of art and living systems.

Conference Speaker

Leila Tolderlund, LEED AP, GRP

University of Colorado Denver Senior Instructor and Research Associate

Leila Tolderlund thrives when observing the interaction between people and green infrastructure in cities. She works as Assistant Professor and Associate Chair in the Landscape Architecture Department at University of Colorado Denver (UCD). Leila has a focus on public health related to urban living systems design, planning and theory, and enjoys critical innovate design thinking for inside-outside transitions. She currently teaches Landscape Architecture Core and Advanced Vertical Design Studios, Integrated Cross- Disciplinary, Green Infrastructure and Design Process Classes, as well as International Urban Design Studio and Study Abroad primarily to Scandinavia. She has been with UCD since 2006 and is an often-used speaker at national and international green infrastructure conferences. Leila also practices Landscape Architecture with her own firm - primarily on projects in the US, China, and Denmark related to green roofs, living walls and green facades.

Leila Tolderlund also practices Landscape Architecture with her own firm - primarily on projects related to green roofs, living walls and green facades.

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