Zoë Avery

Zoë Avery

4Sight Consulting Limited Principal Planner, Landscape Architect & Urban Designer


New Zealand. Zoë Avery is Principal Planner, Landscape Architect & Urban Designer at 4Sight Consulting Limited. Zoë has been working on sustainable development in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, including the encouragement of green infrastructure through design, planning and policy development for twenty years. She has a Master of Landscape Architecture, a Bachelor of Planning (Hons) and is currently completing a Master of Urban Design.

A key part of her work has been researching how we can better integrate living roof and green wall systems into our cities in light of urban population growth. Zoë’s research also looked at living roof morphological aspects – discovering the importance of integrating human wellbeing, sustainability, design process and urban functionality into design. Living urbanism is a concept she has developed to address this. Zoë led the development and production of New Zealand’s first Living Roof Guide (Pukapuka tātaki ki te mataora tuanui) – which has been shortlisted for the New Zealand Institute of New Zealand Landscape Publication Award 2019.

In addition to her role as Urban Design Lead at 4Sight Consulting Limited, she is a Board Member of Green Roofs Australasia and Director of Living Roofs New Zealand. Zoë’s values are very much founded on the principles of an equitable society, in terms of economic, social, ecological, and cultural capital.


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