Jörg Breuning

Jörg Breuning

Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology Founder


Baltimore, MD, USA.  Jörg Breuning is the founder and owner of the advisory, engineering, and design firm Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology.  He first came in touch with modern green roof technology, or ecoroofs, in 1980 as an employee at a German landscape and green roofing company in Stuttgart. While continuing to practice his hands‐on education, Jörg attended the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany earning his degree in Horticultural Science. In 1985 he started his own company focused on ground remote vegetation, extensive green roofs and the establishment of vegetation on extreme locations. Since then his company has overseen countless projects, introduced many green roof innovations or installation techniques, and received many awards.

Jörg was the first expert green roof consultant in the United States and advised in many of the most amazing landmark projects in North American green roof history. His work in the United States began in 1998 when he provided design solutions, construction advice, and hands-on training for the Chicago City Hall green roof project. The City Hall of Chicago is the first green roof in the US according to modern green roof technology. Jörg also engineered the first green roof on a New York City municipal building, the Bronx County Court House, and for the past 10 years has designed and installed five green roofs on cruise ships that travel around the world, through each climate zone and with around 7 million visitors so far. Each of these green roofs measures around 20,000 sf.

From 1980 until today, Jörg has been part of leading green roof research (i.e. stormwater retention simulation systems) in Germany. He continued his work in the US and consulted for the United States first green roof research program at Penn State University. He introduced the German FLL guidelines (Green Roof Guideline) to the US and systematically guided American industry standards (ASTM, SPRI, NRCA, Green Roof Professional training courses 301 and 401) accordingly.

As a critical guest writer at Greenroofs.com, he also contributed common sense to many brochures, text books, and reference books such as Green Roof Handbook RCT, “Green Roof Plants” by Ed Snodgrass, German FLL Guideline, FBB Association, educational papers for the “Tree of Knowledge” at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America, and multiple case studies. This is still an ongoing process.

Jörg has been providing the highest‐level of knowledge, experience and services to the green roof industry since over 35 years, with 20 million square feet of designed, engineered, advised, or installed green roofs; there is no doubt modern green roof technology is Jörg Breuning’s life passion.

Jörg is part of a Panel Video with Patrick Carey, GRP.