Thomas W. Liptan, FASLA

Thomas W. Liptan, FASLA

Green Infrastructure Specialist


Portland, OR, USA.  Tom Liptan is a landscape architect and stormwater specialist. He worked as an urban environment designer with the City of Portland, OR, USA for 25 years. He was the catalyst behind research and development of vegetative systems for sustainable building, site and street designs in Portland. Tom has been instrumental with integration of these approaches in design, construction and maintenance standards, and city code and program modifications. He has contributed to several books, has received several awards and is internationally recognized for his work using vegetated systems in urban design.

Tom has written a book regarding green infrastructure titled Sustainable Stormwater Management: A Landscape-Driven Approach to Planning and Design, (2017) Timber Press, to be released in July. He serves on the Urban Greenspaces Institute Board of Directors, and is the director of research on vegetated systems at the LIVE Center (Landscape Infrastructure and Vegetation Experiments) in Portland. His first stormwater project using a landscape approach was a parking lot in Orlando, FL 1978.

Tom is a Fellow, American Institute of Landscape Architects (FASLA).