Eyal Mirelman

Eyal Mirelman

BLDVEG - Building Vegetation Co-Founder & Owner


Tel Aviv, Israel.  Eyal Mirelman‘s background includes new businesses, partnerships, and project developments, from cradle through first steps and full operation. Some include integration and in house programs with industrial and manufacturing partners. Understanding the relations between humanity and the environment is leading his thinking and actions ever since Eyal can remember. The balance between buildings and urban vegetation has fascinated him for the last couple of decades. He says, “This is a dream. We’re working hard to make it a reality.”

As owner of Building Vegetation (BLDVEG), he manufactures modular vegetated roof and wall systems, as well as distributes peripheral solutions and products focusing on long term performance and results appropriate for the harsh demanding environment of the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa.

Eyal’s systems include local use of recycled materials and natural ingredients constantly developed through a regional cooperation with ‘Oikosteges’ in Greece. BLDVEG’s offers modular lightweight solutions with attention and emphasis to water scarcity in these desert conditions.