Richard Nelson

Richard Nelson

SolaRoof International CEO & Owner


Montreal, Canada.  Richard Nelson is an inventor and author of Solaroof technology and know-how and as SolaRoof Guy at the SolaRoof Wiki, he has co-created the hub of a global Open Source collaborative. Richard is on life-long mission to create “living structures” including dwellings, as Eco Habitat and a built environment that reconnects people with nature. His CEE (Closed Ecological Environment) system provides for abundant provision of all the essentials of life with the integration of regenerative cycles for food/energy/water. SolaRoof technology, as defined in Richard’s several patents is dedicated to a Creative Commons Public License (3.0) so as to provide a platform for global collaboration & cooperation that can build a world of abundance for all.

Richard’s goal at this time is the launch of the Agri POD solution for family food security, health and prosperity. The Agri POD is a co-creative work with POD Pioneers, who are sharing their best-of-kind, accessible, affordable “livingry” to empower individuals/families and collective action (POD Works) “to be the change.” The immediate objective is formation of POD Net to activate a global network of POD Pioneers. Richard is seeking 1,000 Co-Missioners to join in support of this work “in service to the whole of life.” Together, WE have the collective means to the launch a wave of POD Pioneers and to incubate many POD Works hubs around the world. This work values and requires open hearts, synergy, and a vision for living in harmony with nature, calling for people to act in faith that a reborn humankind may thrive (even in our billions) together with all of LIFE, in all of its infinite diversity, beauty and wildness, enabling the healing and recovery of the Earth, while restoring the foundations of health and well-being for people everywhere.

Another important initiative that Richard is working on is DIY Food and his personal general support for the DIY activity of our global community.

Richard is part of a Panel Video with Chris Wark, LEEP AP.