Leila Tolderlund, LEED AP, GRP

Leila Tolderlund, LEED AP, GRP

University of Colorado Denver Senior Instructor and Research Associate


Denver, CO, USA.  Leila Tolderlund thrives when observing the interaction between people and green infrastructure in cities. She works as Assistant Professor and Associate Chair in the Landscape Architecture Department at University of Colorado Denver (UCD). Leila has a focus on public health related to urban living systems design, planning and theory, and enjoys critical innovate design thinking for inside-outside transitions. She currently teaches Landscape Architecture Core and Advanced Vertical Design Studios, Integrated Cross- Disciplinary, Green Infrastructure and Design Process Classes, as well as International Urban Design Studio and Study Abroad primarily to Scandinavia. She has been with UCD since 2006 and is an often-used speaker at national and international green infrastructure conferences.

Leila Tolderlund also practices Landscape Architecture with her own firm – primarily on projects related to green roofs, living walls and green facades. She has worked on projects in the US, China, and Denmark. Leila is educated from Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2003, became LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) accredited in 2004, and received her GRP (Green Roof Accredited Professional) accreditation in 2009.

Leila cherishes wilderness and countryside calmness and finds her creative focus through yoga and meditation. With a curious mind, she investigates intimate relationships between nature and technology in her teaching, practice, and research.