A Paradigm of Urban Naturation as a Building Material


Reference to agricultural landscape and its symbolic capacity in the memory of cities’ inhabitants is very important in the work of our studio. The context is based on how that symbolic nature, which comes from a rural environment-based naturation, can be extrapolated as a generator of emotions linked to the world of feelings, very close or connected to the world of art. The symbolic nature of naturations in public or private amenities is based on a multidisciplinary concept that we consider is essential for urban development.

We believe that both plant and artistic incorporations, understood as an interpretation of art based on the finding or discovery of natural elements per se, are essential in any naturation work. This assessment of the space and its accuracy, of invisible presences of the findings, can be a key to understand the local values and their meaning, joining architecture as another construction material.

The focus will be on the context development, evaluation, and the creation of a public vertical space in a special way. Shown are a series of paradigmatic cases by the author himself, in particular, the Bioclimatic Architecture and Urban Agriculture Laboratory (LABAU) in Madrid.

Conference Speaker

Joaquín Sicilia

Sicilia & Asociados Arquitectura Founder & Director, Architect, PRONATUR Vice President

Joaquin Sicilia Carnicer is Architect, Founder, and Director of SICILIA Y ASOCIADOS ARQUITECTURA in Zaragoza, Spain.  A PRONATUR Member, Joaquin works in coordination with the Agronomist’s School in Madrid (Botany and Economics Department) through PRONATUR in several Agrofood Researching Projects. At present he is working on a prototype of a CO2 catchment system for urban roofs.

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