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What’s everyone buzzing about? Discover how to cool a warming planet via multi-faceted cultural dimensions of sustainability, action, and design from ground-breaking environmental designers, leaders of industry, government, and academia from across the Earth.

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Antwerp’s Urban Lab on Climate-Resilient Roofs to Build Strategic Capacity and Maximise Learning

Nora Danko

AVAILABLE NOW! The City of Antwerp has been promoting green roofs for about ten years – but the real breakthrough still has to occur. However, the combined area of the roofs in Antwerp has the potential to tackle urban challenges, especially if they are designed with special attention to climate aspects. By running an Urban Lab on climate-resilient roofs, Antwerp aims to learn more about applicable techniques and combining functions, initiate market development, inspire and improve its future policies by cooperating with the green sector and owners of big roof surfaces.

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Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. Keynote

Rafael L. Espinal, Jr.

Rafael L. Espinal, Jr., New York City Council Member for District 37, is one of our esteemed Keynotes.

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Rainfall to Results: The Future of Stormwater

Adriana Caldarelli

Adriana Caldarelli, the Director of the Stormwater Institute will discuss Rainfall to Results: The Future of Stormwater. A report completed in 2015 by the Water Environment Federation led to the formation of the Stormwater Institute and sets out a vision for a sustainable future for stormwater.

Sponge City Starts with Home Green

Kongjian Yu

AVAILABLE NOW! Sponge City is proposed as a nature-based solution to retain, infiltrate, and cleanse water, meanwhile creating landscapes that provide multiple ecosystem services. Beyond the physical boundary of city, Sponge City is a philosophy of designing a resilient planet across scales. And it starts with home, my own home that is physically made of roof, walls and floors.

The Economics of Vertical Farming

Henry Gordon-Smith

AVAILABLE NOW! Urban agriculture has the potential to be a significant factor in adapting to the changing climate. Developers and property owners are beginning to recognize the potential of using these otherwise unused spaces. In this presentation, we examine successful transformations of rooftops into urban farms.

The Rotterdam Roofscape

Eveline Bronsdijk

AVAILABLE NOW! Eveline Bronsdijk, City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor, is one of our esteemed Keynotes and visits some of her city's most interesting rooftops. Rotterdam has a potential of 18,5 km2 flat roofs. With our multifunctional roofscape program we aim to implement multifunctional solutions for the challenges we face to add value and quality to the city. This integrated approach includes adaptation, mitigation, urbanisation, biodiversity, housing and mobility by means of stakeholder inclusion. Typical for the Rotterdam approach is that we do it together with the people of our city by means of a positive approach.


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2019 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design

Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, GRP, LEED AP

Now in its 13th year, the highly popular series "Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design" will once again feature outstanding living architecture projects and people for 2019 involved in creating green infrastructure to cool a warming planet.

A Paradigm of Urban Naturation as a Building Material

Joaquín Sicilia

AVAILABLE NOW! The focus will be on the context development, evaluation, and the creation of a public vertical space in a special way. Shown are a series of paradigmatic cases by the author himself, in particular, the Bioclimatic Architecture and Urban Agriculture Laboratory (LABAU) in Madrid.

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Advanced Selection Criteria for Vegetated Green Infrastructure Practices

Mary Ann Uhlmann, PDC, GRP

The video will provide viewers with an introduction to advanced techniques for the selection of plant material used in green infrastructure practices. Demonstrated techniques will include: new biophilic value rating system, employing the permaculture principle of obtaining a yield, place-based design impact for community engagement, hydrologic performance and ecological services production.

Al Shaheed Park - Kuwait

Haifa Al Muhanna

AVAILABLE NOW! Al Shaheed Park is Kuwait’s historical, environmental and cultural platform with cutting-edge architecture and artwork. Providing the public with high quality programs, events and spaces, part of its mission is to spread awareness and to educate the public on the importance of the country’s land, history and environment. Al Shaheed Park is also one of the largest overstructure greenroofs in the world at about 75,000 m2.

An Inspirational Rooftop Rollercoaster: 5 Years Rotterdam Rooftop Festival

Léon van Geest

AVAILABLE NOW! Léon takes you on an inspirational rollercoaster of rooftop uses shown at the rooftops during the Rotterdam Rooftop Festival. Expect loads of spectacular images with examples of things which were done on rooftops you didn’t think of yet.

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Bees & Pollinators - Low Maintenance Rooftop Hives

Ian Horvath

Rooftop Urban Bees are a growing trend across the United States and many cities have repealed 100 year old laws to not only allow for urban beekeeping but encourage it! In this talk we will explore the growing movement of Rooftop Urban Bees, how to get started, things to avoid, benefits and drawbacks.

Cool the City Cool the Blood

Jana Söderlund, PhD

AVAILABLE NOW! Temperature affects human behaviour. Research shows that when temperatures increase so do the number of violent crimes and domestic violence. Recognising this potential for biophilic elements (natural forms, patterns, places, materials, greenery) to bring both cooling physical integration and human connection and values, solves the problem of urban heat and human disconnect resulting from underutilised spaces and incompatible built elements.

Cubriendo la Ciudad de Verde con ARVE (The Greening of Peru with ARVE)

Marco Pacheco & Vivi Modonese

AVAILABLE NOW! Watch and learn about some of the greening efforts in Lima, Peru from one of the country's leaders of vertical greening.

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Designing the Gowanus Canal Sponge Park

Susannah C. Drake, FASLA, AIA

Susannah C. Drake, FASLA, AIA is the founding principal of DLANDstudio Architecture and Landscape Architecture pllc, an interdisciplinary practice with offices in New York and Colorado. DLANDstudio’s projects include RPA Bight Coastal Urbanism, Gowanus Tanks Park, QueensWay, MoMA Rising Currents, BQGreen, and Gowanus Sponge Park.

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Dusty Gedge Talk

Dusty Gedge

Dusty Gedge is the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB) President & Founder.

Feeding Cities: Fixing Cities

Chris Jones

AVAILABLE NOW! Moving towards a (largely urban) global population of 9 billion+, we need to be creative in how we responsibly provide quality food for all. This video will focus on the possibilities for integrating urban food production into our existing urban areas and took a look across this diverse field from indoor climate-controlled food factories, to rooftop soil-based farms, vertical façade food systems, container-based techniques and public realm interventions.

Future Challenges for Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructures

Isabel de Felipe, PhD & Julian Briz, PhD

AVAILABLE NOW! We focus the topic with a GLOCAL strategy, a GLOBAL view (planet and living architecture) and LOCAL action (project and people). The urbanization process is increasing in the last decades, and 70% of human population is living in cities. The actual urban model is not sustainable due to socioeconomic, environmental, and health problems among others.

Green Facades – The Benefits of Informed Design

Geoff Heard

AVAILABLE NOW! This presentation focuses on the “Air Movement Study” of a Fytogreen Australia green façade project, Platinum Apartments, located in Melbourne, Australia. We discuss the project, the design and research required to achieve BCA compliance for passive ventilation in the car park, and highlight the importance of professional ongoing maintenance to sustain the required results.

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Green Roof Chicken Coop in Nova Scotia - all recycled materials student designed

Michael Kelly

My Glacé Bay High School Geography students of 2013 were given an assignment in the spring to design a building from locally sourced preferably, recycled materials, a ‘green’ structure blue print that could be mass produced at mid latitudes around the planet. The designs proved so inspiring that I decided it had to be constructed.

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Green Roof Design and Maintenance for Long-term Success (aka: How to Avoid Total Failure)

Elizabeth Hart Morris, CDT, GRP

This presentation will walk through the main causes of concerns on green roofs and how to avoid or correct them, with an abundance of pictures and case studies of green roof projects restored by the presenter.

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Green Walls and Green Roofs in Arid Climates

Sherif Hosny

Sherif Hosny is Schaduf Principal. What started with a small scale rooftop farming endeavor has quickly evolved into a major design and technology hub with innovations in landscape architecture, farming, vertical gardening, and a variety of sustainability driven products and services across the Middle East and Africa.

Green Your Laneway Pilot Project

Cathy Oke, PhD

AVAILABLE NOW! We’ve been doing a few projects in Melbourne that will hopefully help us to increase our green roofs and walls across our City. One of these projects was a pilot program for greening laneways. You can see some of these projects at our short video where you'll find street trees, rain gardens, planters, green facades and green walls.

Himalayan Vertical Gardens: Windows of Nature

Iñigo Iriarte

AVAILABLE NOW! People are migrating to cities more than at any other point in history. In an effort to accommodate so many inhabitants, trees are cut down and green areas are vanishing. This video speaks about how, with creativity and persistence, it’s possible to find green solutions in any environment.

Il Giardino Verticale & l'Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Tetto Verde Sperimentale del Liceo Giovanni Keplero di Roma (The Vertical Garden & Alternative School Work on the Experimental Green Roof of the Giovanni Keplero High School of Rome)

Antonio Vestrella, PhD & Roberto Casalini, PhD

AVAILABLE NOW! Along with both professors and several students, the design and installation of the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero Green Wall in Rome, Italy is highlighted in the first video followed by the design and installation of the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero Experimental Green Roof in the second video - in Italian with English subtitles.

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Joanne Rodriguez Talk

Joanne Rodriguez, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

Joanne Rodriguez is GreenStructure Founder & Multi-disciplinary Environmental Consultant. She has two decades of experience working within the building products and construction communities, with an emphasis on sustainable building impacts and high performance building envelope assemblies.

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Kerry Ross Talk

Kerry Ross, LEED AP, GRP

Kerry Ross, LEED AP, GRP is Green T Design Principal & Green Roof Advocate. Her design build company is focused on lessening impacts of buildings on the environment through the continuum of landscape and architecture – green roofs and living walls.

Luck Dog’s Grass Shack in Minnesota

Kally Goschke & Luck Dog

AVAILABLE NOW! Luck needed shelter during winter and summer and a manager's office after his long days working the cows on the farm. His people, the Goschke's, have various skills: Steve has building skills and Kally horticulture and design skills. The video and slide show will show the features and steps of construction of his entire house, including the green roof.

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Matthew Dillon Talk

Matthew Dillon

Matthew Dillon is GREEN ROOFS AUSTRALASIA (GRA) President, World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) Vice President, Verdant Solutions AUS Principal.

Nadie Busca Líderes, Busca Inspiradores (Nobody Looks for Leaders, We Look for Inspirers)

Ignacio Solano

AVAILABLE NOW! Ignacio Solano is Paisajismo Urbano Founder, Biologist & Author. He is an expert in biological interactions and the founder of Paisajismo Urbano, a design and installation company with over 100 vertical gardens constructed (over 100,000 m²). Look for cool jungles and forests, beautiful projects, and his heartfelt message of connecting to the Earth with sustainable design and information sharing.

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Nature4Cities, a Multicriteria Nature Based Solution Platform Tool to Support the Green Transition

Stéphanie Decker, PhD

The N4C project aims to develop a scientific and technical database and operational tool for the effectiveness of Nature Based Solutions applied in a framework which considers a holistic approach and, which integrates multiple stakeholders. It intends to produce knowledge and to empower urban projects stakeholders (involved in urban planning/design/management intervention) to take decision.

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RiverSmart Rooftops 2.0: Green Roofs in the District of Columbia

Walter K. Caldwell

In order to maintain the highest standards for water quality for the Anacostia, Potomac Rivers, and their tributaries, the District of Columbia has enacted Stormwater Management Regulations. The increased use of Green Roofs to meet stormwater and water quality goals presents a unique set of challenges for construction and maintenance for developers, engineers, architects, regulatory officials and the eventual occupants. Examples will be shown along with current DOEE financial incentives to install green roofs and New Stormwater Management Regulations.

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VIAVERDE: A Dream Come True

Fernando Ortiz Monasterio

VIA VERDE is a Mexican-based project which aims to turn the grey concrete pillars of Mexico’s double-decker highway system into a verdant and vibrant tunnel of vegetation. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio and his vertical garden specialist firm VERDEVERTICAL have started to cover over one thousand motorway columns with sixty thousand square meters of vertical gardens and plant life.

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Zoë Avery Talk

Zoë Avery

Zoë Avery is 4Sight Consulting Limited Principal Planner, Landscape Architect & Urban Designer. Zoë has been working on sustainable development in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, including the encouragement of green infrastructure through design, planning and policy development for twenty years.

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