An Inspirational Rooftop Rollercoaster: 5 Years Rotterdam Rooftop Festival



Léon takes you on an inspirational rollercoaster of rooftop uses shown at the rooftops during the Rotterdam Rooftop Festival. He explains the urgency of rooftop use in densifying cities, for they can give answers to several global challenges we face today.

He shows the festival’s success and how the festivals address those urgencies with examples for the festival visitors to experience, and for real estate owners, project developers and governments to act on. And in that way let temporary installations provoke sustainable change.

Expect loads of spectacular images with examples of things which were done on rooftops you didn’t think of yet.

Conference Speaker

Léon van Geest

Rotterdamse Dakendagen Director, Moderator & BIG IDEA Foundation Co-director and Founder

Léon van Geest is a moderator and director of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Roof Days). Rotterdam Rooftop Festival, which in 2019 had about 22,000 visitors at 65 rooftops. Léon believes rooftops offer the space needed for a better, more sustainable and more inclusive city. The festival is an opportunity to accelerate the use of the city's rooftops by employing a short-term format to promote medium and long-term changes.

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