Léon van Geest

Léon van Geest

Rotterdamse Dakendagen Director, Moderator & BIG IDEA Foundation Co-director and Founder


Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Léon van Geest is a moderator and director of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Roof Days). Rotterdam Rooftop Festival, which in 2019 had about 22,000 visitors at 65 rooftops. Léon believes rooftops offer the space needed for a better, more sustainable and more inclusive city. The festival is an opportunity to accelerate the use of the city’s rooftops by employing a short-term format to promote medium and long-term changes.

The Rotterdamse Dakendagen offers anyone interested in urban roofscape the opportunity to discover this on a scale (22.000 visitors on 65 roofs in 2019) that was not possible until now. The top of the city is discovered and celebrated by both the general enthusiast as the professional who is already working to develop the untapped potential of the city and thus to make the city more attractive. The Rotterdamse Dakendagen opens the door to the top of the city, and hopefully not only for those four days but the whole year through. The next edition will take place from June 5 – 7, 2020.


Léon is also Co-director and Founder of BIG IDEA FOUNDATION which aims to produce large location shows in Rotterdam and give young talents in Rotterdam the opportunity to work with internationally renowned makers.

As a moderator/chairman Léon works from his enthusiasm for public debate and researching new horizons by exchanging expertise. His experience lies in innovative social-economical developments and city making. Trained as a design engineer he can analyse quickly while staying flexible and open for new insights. Léon is quick-witted and can ensure the debate remains focused and well balanced between professional depth and a certain level of entertainment.

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