The Rotterdam Roofscape



Eveline Bronsdijk, City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor, is one of our esteemed Keynotes and visits some of her city’s most interesting rooftops.

Rotterdam has a potential of 18,5 km2 flat roofs. With our multifunctional roofscape program we aim to implement multifunctional solutions for the challenges we face to add value and quality to the city. This integrated approach includes adaptation, mitigation, urbanisation, biodiversity, housing and mobility by means of stakeholder inclusion. Typical for the Rotterdam approach is that we do it together with the people of our city by means of a positive approach.

Conference Speaker

Eveline Bronsdijk

City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor

Eveline Bronsdijk is Sustainability Advisor for the City of Rotterdam who has worked on Rotterdam’s green roofs programme and is currently one of the key advisors for the Multifunctional Roofscape Programme 2016.

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