Eveline Bronsdijk

Eveline Bronsdijk

City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor


Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Eveline Bronsdijk is Sustainability Advisor for the City of Rotterdam, part of the Urban Development Department of the city.

In 2008, she started as an advisor on Rotterdam’s green roofs programme and is currently one of the key advisors for the Multifunctional Roofscape Programme 2016. This is an integrated programme that includes issues like greening the city, managing and filtering surface water, the Urban Heat Island effect and social and community aspects.

In 2017, the programme was nominated for the C40 Award in the Cities4Tomorrow category, based on the high score it receives for the co-benefits provided to the city by the programme and resulting green infrastructure. See the C40 Cities “The Rotterdam Roofscape” profile.

Eveline is creating awareness around the issue of the Urban Heat Island effect to embed it within government policies, and since 2015 has also been coordinating international delegations for RAS: the Rotterdam Adaptation Strategy and the Rotterdam Resilience Strategy.

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