Antwerp’s Urban Lab on Climate-Resilient Roofs to Build Strategic Capacity and Maximise Learning


The City of Antwerp has been promoting green roofs for about ten years – but the real breakthrough still has to occur. The few implemented projects lack the qualities needed to counter urban heat island effects or cloudbursts that flood the sewers. However, the combined area of the roofs in Antwerp has the potential to tackle urban challenges, especially if they are designed with special attention to climate aspects.

By running an Urban Lab on climate-resilient roofs, Antwerp aims to learn more about applicable techniques and combining functions, initiate market development, inspire and improve its future policies by cooperating with the green sector and owners of big roof surfaces.

Small investments with high impact? The Urban Lab is characterised by the deep involvement of participants, the ability to fail and learn, and follows the principles of the Theory of Change.

Conference Speaker

Nora Danko

City of Antwerp Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, Energy and Environment & Landscape Architect

Nora Danko is the Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, Energy and Environment with the City of Antwerp, Urban Development Department. Together with her small urban green advice team, Nora believes in the power of communication: sharing tips and inspiring stories on urban greening in Antwerp via and, installing demonstration roofs and hosting a practical exhibition on ‘less grey, more green.'

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