Nora Danko

Nora Danko

City of Antwerp Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, Energy and Environment & Landscape Architect


Antwerp, Belgium. Nora Danko is the Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, Energy and Environment with the City of Antwerp, Urban Development Department. In 2008, Nora started as Ecocity Projects coordinator for Antwerp, Belgium at the EcoHuis, the City’s urban sustainability advice centre. Since 2012, her projects have shifted more towards urban greening and climate resilience. The EcoHuis now has a diverse menu for citizens looking to make their surroundings greener. Nora also advises schools and organisations on de-paving, greening their roofs and, facades and urban gardens.

Aside from these standard services, Nora is engaged in multiple change processes within the City. She holds workshops for street committees, brings together different City departments to optimise policies and to remove barriers for green actions, initiates Urban Labs on future topics.

As a landscape architect with a background in sustainable development research, in 2017 she co-founded the Climate-resilient Sint-Andries project, the first neighbourhood-scaled co-creation project in Antwerp on climate resilience. Nora currently runs an Urban Lab on climate-resilient roofs with a wide range of stakeholders.

Together with her small urban green advice team, Nora believes in the power of communication: sharing tips and inspiring stories on urban greening in Antwerp via and, installing demonstration roofs and hosting a practical exhibition on ‘less grey, more green’.

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