Green Your Laneway Pilot Project


We’ve been doing a few projects in Melbourne that will hopefully help us to increase our green roofs and walls across our City. One of these projects was a pilot program for greening laneways.

From growing vertical gardens to planting trees and creating pocket parks, many of our laneways have enormous potential to become the city’s backyard. There are over two hundred lanes in the central city, making up an area of almost nine hectares – bigger than Flagstaff Gardens. We therefore established the Green Your Laneway program to help transform the city’s laneways into leafy, green and useable spaces for everyone to enjoy.

So far, we have funded these four laneways in the central city as part of the Green Your Laneway pilot: Katherine Place; Meyers Place; Guildford Lane; and Coromandel Place.

After intensive design development, involving substantial input from the community, these four lanes have now been completed, and while plants are still young, the greenery is beginning to take over. You can see some of these projects at our short video where you’ll find street trees, rain gardens, planters, green facades and green walls.

Conference Speaker

Cathy Oke, PhD

City of Melbourne Councillor, ICLEI First Vice President & University of Melbourne Senior Enterprise Fellow

Dr. Cathy Oke is a Councillor with the City of Melbourne, Chair of the Environment portfolio and is also Deputy Chair of the Finance and Governance and Aboriginal City portfolios. As a Councillor, she has represented the Environment and Transport portfolios for the City of Melbourne since 2008. 

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