Cool the City Cool the Blood



Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 1. ‘The air is hot, the blood is hot.’

Temperature affects human behaviour. Research shows that when temperatures increase so do the number of violent crimes and domestic violence. Heat stress can exacerbate illnesses and increase death rates. Cities are warming globally and there is an urgent need to cool them, to create liveable and healthy habitats for both humans and biodiversity. Many urbanites also suffer isolation and disconnect in commoditised hard surfaced cities. Mental stress is increasing. Living architecture and the patterns of biophilic design can air-condition and cool our cities while facilitating opportunity for humans to connect daily with nature, reducing both physical stress and mental stress.

Recognising this potential for biophilic elements (natural forms, patterns, places, materials, greenery) to bring both cooling physical integration and human connection and values, solves the problem of urban heat and human disconnect resulting from underutilised spaces and incompatible built elements. Recast in this way, urban environmental and social problems are replaced by the endless remedial possibilities of inserting cost effective biophilic elements.

Conference Speaker

Jana Söderlund, PhD

Biophilic Designer, Presenter, Educator, Academic Author & Biophilic Cities Australia Chair, Director of Biophilic Solutions and Design by Nature, Green Roofs Australasia Director

An early career in environmental science, population and world resources evolved to an interest in sustainability and urban design for Jana Söderlund. Since completing her PhD in Biophilic Urban Design, Jana has been active as a biophilic designer, presenter, educator, and academic author. She is a member of the global Biophilic Cities steering committee, chair of Biophilic Cities Australia, Director of Biophilic Solutions and Design by Nature, and Director of Green Roofs Australasia.

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