Jana Söderlund, PhD

Jana Söderlund, PhD

Biophilic Designer, Presenter, Educator, Academic Author & Biophilic Cities Australia Chair, Director of Biophilic Solutions and Design by Nature, Green Roofs Australasia Director


Perth, Australia. Jana Söderlund, PhD is an academic author and has been a Biophilic Design sustainability professional for seven years. She had an early career in environmental science, population, and world resources which evolved to an interest in sustainability and urban design. Jana has a PhD in biophilic design/sustainability policy. An early leader in environmental education, she is a frequent and global presenter in sustainability and biophilic urbanism and design, with a strong perspective of contemporary social trends, particularly in cities.

Recently educated in Transformative Development: The Science and Practice of Resilience Thinking. A consultant in biophilic design/urbanism/architecture and sustainability. Currently chair of Biophilic Cities Australia, linking with my position on the global Biophilic Cities steering committee, director of consortium Biophilic Solutions and a director of Green Roofs Australasia, and a sessional academic with Curtin University.

An adventurous and diverse life, from science to the arts has developed a creative, yet grounded and astute, ability to design and find solutions with a comprehensive and wholistic understanding. She is an independent researcher with innovative ideas who shares knowledge and works collaboratively to achieve common goals. This has involved projects with government, industry, community, and academia.

A strong passion for nature continues to inspire and motivate Jana to encourage and increase access for all to the intrinsic benefits of the patterns, forms, shapes, and materials of nature. Her book The Emergence of Biophilic Design (Cities and Nature) is scheduled for release on December 5, 2019.

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