RiverSmart Rooftops 2.0: Green Roofs in the District of Columbia



In order to maintain the highest standards for water quality for the Anacostia, Potomac Rivers, and their tributaries, the District of Columbia has enacted Stormwater Management Regulations that establishes requirements and procedures to control the adverse impacts of increased storm water runoff.

The increased use of Green Roofs to meet stormwater and water quality goals presents a unique set of challenges for construction and maintenance for developers, engineers, architects, regulatory officials and the eventual occupants of sites utilizing Green roofs to meet district stormwater management requirements for stormwater management. These challenges maybe manifested at any time, during the planning construction or maintenance of a green roof.

The District Department of Energy and Environment sought an applicant to produce visual media and guidance manual that addresses the use of Green Roofs to meet District of Columbia stormwater management regulations for land disturbance. The purpose of the project was to highlight typical construction and maintenance points of Green Roof installation and ownership in the District of Columbia in order to facilitate the increased use and effectiveness of these stormwater management best practices.

The RiverSmart Rooftops project was completed in 2014 and premiered at the 2015 DC Environmental Film Festival as well as aired on Local District of Columbia Network (DCN) entertainment. The video introduction brings the audience up to date with current DOEE financial incentives to install green roofs and New Stormwater Management Regulations.

Conference Speaker

Walter K. Caldwell

District Department of Energy and the Environment Environmental Protection Specialist and Chief of the Construction and Maintenance Branch

Walter K. Caldwell is an Environmental Protection Specialist, and currently the Chief of the Construction and Maintenance Branch of the District Department of Energy and the Environment. In 1999 he was tasked with developing a stormwater management best practices (BMP), maintenance inspection and enforcement program. Since that time, he has inspected or assisted with inspections of thousands of stormwater BMPs in the District of Columbia.

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