Future Challenges for Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructures



We focus the topic with a GLOCAL strategy, a GLOBAL view (planet and living architecture) and LOCAL action (project and people). The urbanization process is increasing in the last decades, and 70% of human population is living in cities. The actual urban model is not sustainable due to socioeconomic, environmental, and health problems among others. We have to look for multiple Solutions Based in Nature. The best approach is to rely on urban green infrastructures with multifunctional dimensions. Green infrastructures improve the city environment with higher air quality and humidity; reduce acoustic pollution, heat island effects, carbon and energy footprints; and improve local food supply, biodiversity, new business and employment opportunities, and recreation areas for human relations. To reach these goals, we need multidisciplinary groups of experts (architects, agronomists, sociologists, and others) to coordinate public and private actions with an efficient and sustainable horizon.

We present several case studies in our video related to innovation in green infrastructures and examples of multidisciplinary workshops.

Conference Speaker

Julian Briz, PhD

Polytechnic University of Madrid Professor and Researcher, PRONATUR Founder & President, WGIN Board Member

Professor Dr. Julian Briz has been researching and lecturing for more than three decades at the Polytechnic University of Madrid with special attention to market research and socioeconomic affairs, dealing with the governance of local policies, publishing articles, books and directing PhD thesis and research projects. He is President and Founder of PRONATUR, the Spanish Society for Green Cities.


Isabel de Felipe, PhD

Polytechnic University of Madrid Associate Professor, itdUPM & PRONATUR Board Member

Dr. Isabel de Felipe is Associate Professor at the Technical University of Madrid (itdUPM) and currently a member of its Board of Directors. She also belongs on the Board of Directors of PRONATUR. As an active member of  WGIN (World Green Infrastructure Network) and the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB), she has participated in the association's international congresses since 2009 and edited several books in English and Spanish.

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