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About Green Roofs Australasia

Green Roofs Australasia (GRA)
Matthew Dillon, President

Phone: +61 409 420 587

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Green Roofs Australasia

The peak NFP body in Australasia promoting Living Architecture & Green Infrastructure planning.

Our solution is founded on the genius of NATURE so when we refer to GREEN we mean PLANTS.

Our Vision:
GREEN CITIES: The Incorporation Of Green Infrastructure Into The Urban Fabric with the purpose of Advancing the Urban Environment; mitigating impacts of Climate Change; Advancing Social Awareness and improving Health & Wellbeing through Biophilia.

About GRA:

  • Our association was formed in 2007 and is a founding member of the World Green Infrastructure Network.
  • GRA is an Environmental Charity with extensive affiliations both nationally & globally.
  • Support our efforts through membership or sponsorship and help us with Advocacy; Promotion & Awareness Raising towards sustaining a greener planet for all living creatures.
  • GRA believes that NOW is the TIME for a review on urban expansion codes and practice.
  • What has worked in the past does not logically make it correct.
The Incorporation Of Green Infrastructure Into The Urban Fabric