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GSky Plant Systems, Inc.
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GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

Living Green Walls

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of living walls, vertical gardens and green walls tailored to fit your interior and exterior green wall needs. Our Vision is to bring “living green spaces to everyday places where people live, work & play” and in doing so, enhance the environmental and psychological benefits for our increasing urbanization and population. We believe there is not just one way to meet a client’s needs for greening spaces. We endeavor to create solutions that are affordable, adaptable, and maintainable around the globe.

With over 15 years of expertise & knowledge, we have developed a proven process that guarantees a healthy and successful green wall. Additionally, we have created a Global Network of partners, suppliers and plant sources to not only make these solutions serviceable and lasting, but to support clients with multiple sites often in different geographies.

GSky® provides more than just a system, but an all-inclusive green wall package to support clients from start to finish, offering peace of mind in each stage of the process.

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