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Experts in Green Roof Soil

rooflite® is the #1 provider of the highest quality green roof media in North America with over 12 million square feet of roofs vegetated. We’ve provided our rooflite soil for more than 1000 green roof projects across the U.S. and the Americas.

We take soil seriously. It’s what we do every day, and we know that you need the best to make your green roof project a success. That’s why our rooflite soil products are at the core of everything we do.

And with a full line of standard rooflite® soil products, including regional and project-specific blends, you can trust rooflite to have the perfect soil for your project. All our products are created with our innovative & proprietary product development process, which is designed to ensure high-quality soil that meets established industry standards.

rooflite soil provides key features for excellent green roof performance:

  • Lightweight: rooflite soil offers a range of lightweight product options to meet your green roof project goals
  • Water retention & drainage: rooflite soil has the perfect level of water retention, porosity & drainage for enhanced stormwater retention & healthy plant growth
  • Long-lasting: rooflite soil products are engineered to ensure the long-term success of your green roof project without jeopardizing the building below

With our range of rooflite soil products, our blender network across North America, our experience with complex logistics and our top-notch customer service, there is simply no other company that can offer what we do.

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Experts in Green Roof Soil