Adriana Caldarelli

Adriana Caldarelli

Water Environment Federation Stormwater Institute Director


Alexandria, VA, USA. Adriana Caldarelli is the Director the Stormwater Institute and the Director of the Water Environment Federation’s National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP). Prior to joining the Water Environment Federation, Adriana spent 17 years with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection working in various water quality-related programs, including wastewater management planning and combined sewer outfall permitting.

Much of her work was focused on green infrastructure (GI), particularly in communities with combined sewer systems; in this capacity she assisted with community-based GI planning and provided coordination between the local community and the Department. Adriana has a BS in Natural Resource Management from Rutgers University and an MS in Environmental Policy from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Adriana is one of our esteemed Keynote Speakers.


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