Roberto Casalini, PhD

Roberto Casalini, PhD

Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero di Roma Professor


Rome, Italy. Dr. Roberto Casalini is a professor at the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero di Roma, a public secondary scientific high school. His areas of expertise include: urban green spaces, urban horticulture, Mediterranean green roofs, and green walls. Dr. Casalini has a PhD in Biology from Roma 3 University and his Dissertation: Ecological and agronomical aspects of Mediterranean plants for urban green roofs.

Roberto also has a degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University “Statale” Milano, and is Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. His Dissertation: Biotechnological innovations regarding some cryptogamic diseases of wheat and barley.

Roberto’s latest publications include:

G. Caneva, A. Kumbaric, V. Savo & R. Casalini 2013. Ecological approach in selecting extensive green roof plants: A data-set of Mediterranean plants. Plant Biosystems

Casalini R., Bartoli F., Caneva G., 2017. Role of ecological factors on seed germination of Mediterranean wild flowers for extensive green roofs (EGR). In Book of Abstract of 6th International Conference on Landscape & Urban Horticulture. 20-25 June 2016. Athens, Greece. OP25:129.

In 2015 professors Roberto Casalini, PhD and Antonio Vestrella, PhD spearheaded efforts to create an Experimental Green Roof. Together with a group of 25 students, the educators at the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero completed the first vegetated roof on a school in Italy in 2016.

Roberto Casalini, PhD and Antonio Vestrella, PhD are presenting a Collaborative Video.

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