Kally Goschke & Luck Dog

Kally Goschke & Luck Dog

Homeowner & Cow Herding Dog


Henderson, MN, USA. Luck Dog lives and works cattle on a Minnesota farm with Steve and Kally and friends. He prefers to not go into the people house so he has, among other options, his house which he needs for warmth in winter and shade and shelter from biting flies, etc., in summer which the green roof provides.

The original concept also included a roof he could go up on and connect with the rest of his “pack” when they are indoors since he (nor his brother a few miles away) seem to like going in houses for some reason. He also needs a thick winter coat which he would not get living indoors in the tropical temperatures people keep their houses.

So the Luck Dog Grass Shack was created. Luck Dog is always in there, often with his nose sticking out, waiting to work the cows.

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