Geoff Heard

Geoff Heard

Fytogreen Australia Managing Director


Melbourne, Australia. Geoff Heard is Managing Director of Fytogreen Australia, and has extensive experience in all aspects of living roof systems and has over 30 years of horticultural experience. Geoff is responsible for the successful delivery of Fytogreen’s projects and the ongoing research and development. Fytogreen is proud to be recognised as Australia’s leading supplier of ecological sustainable vertical gardens, roof gardens and green facades.

Geoff began his industry journey by completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture and Marketing at Lincoln University, and shortly after opened his own Strawberry Export Farm in New Zealand. Keen to make a point of difference by maximising growing conditions, Geoff realised the importance of specialized hydroponic growing media and began to focus on this niche market. To this day, that has been the forefront to the success of Fytogreen’s sustainable greening solutions.

Geoff established Fytogreen Australia in 2002 and has conducted a rigorous research program to adapt and modify Fytogreen’s resin products and vertical greening – adapting a unique growing media that is ideal for Australian’s wide range of harsh climatic conditions – and implement a wide range of successful projects in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.

Nature and cities don’t always get along, but Fytogreen has bridged this gap by providing ecologically sustainable solutions, specializing in roof gardens, vertical gardens, green facades, planter boxes and 3-D Gardening within the built environment.

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