Antonio Vestrella, PhD

Antonio Vestrella, PhD

Leonardo da Vinci Agricultural Institute Professor and Giardini & Paesaggi Principal


Rome, Italy. Dr. Antonio Vestrella is a professor of agricultural and environmental subjects for the Leonardo da Vinci Agricultural Institute. His areas of expertise include: urban green spaces and irrigation water savings, Mediterranean green roofs, design of gardens and green spaces, green walls modeled. Dr. Vestrella has a PhD in Biodiversity from UB, Barcelona University. His Dissertation: Green Roofs in the Mediterranean Area: Ecophysiological and Agronomic Aspects. Course in “Biology of Mediterranean Plants” from UIB, University of the Balearic Islands, where he studied environmental and ecophysiological transformations in Mediterranean areas with reference to climate change and the knowledge and management of endemisms and Mediterranean flora, especially in the insular environment of the Balearic Islands.

Antonio has a Certificate of Qualification for teaching Natural Sciences from the “Ministry of Education and Science, and Departments of Education of the Autonomous Communities” from the University of Barcelona, ICE (Institute of Education Science). He also holds a Master’s Degree in Landscaping from the University of Florence which is a two-year master’s degree for specialist degrees dedicated to landscape management. Antonio’s Dissertation: Transformation and management of a Mediterranean coastal reclamation environment with strips of natural vegetation and strong human presence. He also has a degree in Natural Sciences from the University “La Sapienza” Rome. He is Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. Dissertation: Flora and ecology of a coastal reserve.

Antonio’s latest publications include:

Vestrella, A., Savé, R. & Biel, C. 2015. An Experimental Study in Simulated Greenroof in The Mediterranean Climate. Journal of Agriculture Science vol.7, No 4, 2015. doi:10.5539/jas.v7n4pxx

Vestrella, A., Savé, R. & Biel, C. 2015. Performance of Two Simulated Green Roofs in the Mediterranean Area. Journal of Agriculture Science vol.7, No 11 2015. doi:10.5539/jas.v7n11pxx

Savé, R., Aranda, X., De Herralde, F., Vestrella, A., Grau, B., Funes, I. & Biel, 2016. El verd metropolita, una agricultura urbanitzada. (in Catalonian). Horticultura Ambiental. Àrea Medi Ambient i Canvi Global. IRTA. Torre Marimon. C59 km 12.1; 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona).

Vestrella, A., Savé, R., Biel, C., Bartoli, F., 2018. Mediterranean green roof simulation in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona): thermal and hydrological performance test of Frankenia laevis L., Dymondia margaretae Compton and Iris lutescens Lam. Applied Sciences 2018, 8, 2497; doi:10.3390/app8122497

Antonio is also principal of Giardini & Paesaggi.  His latest work:

Researcher with IRTA (Institute Research & Technology Food & Agriculture, Barcelona) studying the Mediterranean environment: the effects of climate change on the vegetation of urban green spaces; irrigation optimization through analysis of physiological responses of plants; plant species to be used in the absence of irrigation or with little watering in urban green spaces and green roofs.

Technical teacher of main agricultural and environmental subjects for secondary state agricultural institutes; technical manager for design, management and maintenance of landscapes, parks and gardens.

Installation of a temporary vertical garden in the garden of the House of Architecture, Rome; restoration of the green roof of the French Academy Villa Medici, Rome.

Scientific experimentation manager: “Mediterranean plants for green roofs” green roof Keplero high school; green wall Keplero High School.

Design of a private park in Alta Tuscia-Lazio.

In 2015 professors Antonio Vestrella, PhD and Roberto Casalini, PhD spearheaded efforts to create an Experimental Green Roof at the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero di Roma. Together with a group of 25 students, the educators at the Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero completed the first vegetated roof on a school in Italy in 2016.

Antonio Vestrella, PhD and Roberto Casalini, PhD are presenting a Collaborative Video.

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