Ian Horvath

Ian Horvath

The Honey Bee Society Co-founder and President


Portland, OR, USA. Ian Horvath is the Co-founder and President of The Honey Bee Society, a Pacific Northwest educational non-profit focusing on pollinator preservation, education and research. Ian has always had a fascination with the natural world and the way it fits together, with a primary focus on honey bees and other pollinators. He started his outreach and public education about the Honey Bee and native pollinators after college through a bean to bar chocolate company he owned at the time. As demand for educational requests started to take more and more time away from making chocolate, he decided to go all in to the public education space and started The Honey Bee Society.

Through this unique non-profit, Ian and the team are able to showcase the incredible life of pollinators for all ages and audiences from the small garden club to the university auditorium. The education about pollinators is taken one step further by providing an communities an increased awareness of our integrated food system. Projects include turning unused land and roadway strips into pollinator sanctuaries and community Permaculture gardens. Lastly, The Honey Bee Society teaches chemical free beekeeping classes to the community, offers beehive mentorships, provides interactive lessons at schools, and leads research initiatives to better understand the plight of honey bees and all native pollinators.

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